Production Night | Sci-Fi London 48 Hour challenge

Production Night was produced entirely within a 48 hour period for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour challenge.

The title, a line of dialogue, a prop, and a scientific theme were given to us by the festival staff, and the challenge was to build a film around it within the 48 hours.

Title: Production Night
Line: Will you stop! What is wrong with you?
Prop: Pill; We see a character break a capsule open and inspect the powder
Science: A retro-virus drastically extends the lifespan of those who catch it. Should a cure be found?

Each participating team was identified by a team name; we called ourselves Excited Electrons.

Our story goes something like this:

There’s a pandemic. The disease is unlike any other, its symptom is an indefinitely prolonged lifespan due to the remarkable regenerative capabilities it lends it’s host organism. A decade later everyone has the disease, children are born with it and people no longer die of natural causes.

Old religions perish, while new ones are formed around the mythos of the disease which is proclaimed a Gift. Any scientific research – outside government controlled labs – on the disease is strictly forbidden, no cure is to be found.

The problem is that in a small percentage of population disease causes abnormal cell growth and division, thus infesting the organism with cancer. These people would stay in a state of “perpetual dying” – they’re colloquially known as The Unlucky Ones.

A gift to some becomes a curse to others. Assisted suicide is nearly impossible in a non-violent way due to patients’ regenerative capabilities, thus an underground research network is formed with a mission to find “the cure”. This resistance consists mostly of The Unlucky Ones and their families. Finally, one member nears a major breakthrough…

Researcher: Doris Teur
Brother: Vilim Horvatin

Editor: Monika Drahotuski
Sound designer: Andrej Smoljan
Director, Cinematographer and Visual Effects artist: Ratimir Rakuljic