Hangar 8 | Trailer

The year is 1995. Two friends enter a Croatian televised console gaming championship, “Hangar 8“. One of them has a greater goal than simply taking home the prize, he hopes to impress the girl he likes. As 16-bit consoles give way to 32-bit, life becomes more complicated by each passing day, and first crush doesn’t make things any easier.

Written & Directed by Ratimir Rakuljic
Produced by Lado Skorin & Visnja Skorin
Coproduced by Petar Milic
Visual Effects by Ratimir Rakuljic
Trailer music by Scott Buckley | scottbuckley.com.au

Production: 3D2D Animators | 3d2d.hr
Coproduction: Hommage production | hommage.hr
Post-production: Triaxial Studio | triaxial.xyz