This is a story of space exploration and the extraordinary Voyager program.
The Great Voyage follows a trail of curiosity and fascination with the cosmos through the ages. We set our sights on the Ocean and discovered the universe!
On our odyssey through space and time, we follow Ferdinand Magellan on his circumnavigation of the world and meet legends such as astronomer-musician William Herschel, mathematician Urbain Le Verrier, astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle, and engineer Gary Flandro. We also take a quick look at the space race and witness a rocket launch to the Moon, meeting Soviet cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, and NASA astronauts from the Apollo missions.
This film's structure is inspired by the work of historian Stephen J. Pyne. Special thanks to NASA/JPL/Voyager Imaging Team for the wealth of data on the Solar System's outer planets.
Written, Directed, and Animated by Ratimir Rakuljic
Narrated by Kenley Kristofferson
Produced by Monika Rakuljic & Ratimir Rakuljic

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